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Avv. Prof. Carlo Rimini

Talks and meetings

Carlo Organized a number of conferences for the Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies of the University of Milan:


  • June 26, 2001 on the theme "1970-2000: New European Divorce Rules".

  • March 1, 2002 on the theme "The custody of children in the separation between spouses and divorce: prospects for reform".

  • June 13, 2003 on the theme “The violation of matrimonial duties and compensation for existential damage"

  • On 17 December 2004 on the topic “Jurisdiction and recognition of foreign judgments in matrimonial matters: the new European regulation (CE 2201/03).

  • On June 18, 2009 on the topic “Collaborative divorce. In Italy? Yes, we can".

  • On May 16, 2014 on the theme “The succession agreements ”.

  • November 24, 2016 on the topic "What future for divorce maintenance?"

Carlo has taken part as a lecturer in numerous national and international conferences and speeches. Mentioning only the international conferences:

  • In March 2022 he was a speaker at the Conference "Legal Professionals as Key Actors", organized by the University of Camerino together with the Universities of Almeria (Spagna), Ljublijana (Slovenia), Rijeka (Croazia), and the Law Institute of the Lithuanian Center for Social Sciences (Lituania), handled by European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020), giving a lecture about "Are prenuptial agreements effective and binding in your jurisdiction?".

  • - In February 2022 he was the moderator at the Conference organized by the Milan Bar Association (International Relationships Committee) about "Family and Inheritance Law Arbitration in the United Kingdom".

  • In July 2021 he was a speaker at the Final Event in Rome of the EU project Miri - Minor's Right to information in EU civil cases: Improving children's right to information in cross-border civil cases, giving a lecture  about  "The right of the child to be informed and his right to be heard during proceedings on the basis of the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the civil aspects of international child abduction";

  • In December 2020 he has given the Keynote Lecture for RIDOC 2020 (Rijeka Doctoral Conference) about "A Method Issue: From “Definitions” to “ Rules”. An Application for Answering a Family Law Question: Are Prenuptial Agreement Effective or Void in Your Jurisdiction?";

  • In October 2020, he was a speaker at the Camerino final PSEFS Project Event, Personalized Solution in European Family and Succession Law, European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020), giving a lecture about “Why Reg. (EU) n. 1103/2016 and 1104/2016 impact on the European citizens' daily life”;

  • In June 2020 he was a speaker at the Rijeka PSEFS Project Event, the University of Rijeka giving a lecture about " The effect of Pending Status Proceedings on Jurisdiction in Maintenance and Matrimonial Property Matters";

  • In November 2018 he was a speaker at the Regensburg (Germany) Annual Conference of the European Association for Family and Succession Law (EFL);

  • In September 2017 he was a speaker at the Oviedo (Spain) Annual Conference of the European Association for Family and Succession Law (EFL);

  • In November 2016 he was a speaker at the Madrid (Spain) Conference managed by the International Academy of Family Lawyers about “Hot Topics in EU Family Law”;

  • In March 2015 he chaired the panel about “Brussels IV Regulation (Succession Regulation) – Implications on Family Law” at the Seville (Spain) European Chapter Meeting of the International Academy of Family Lawyer Seville.


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